97243 Counterfeit Detector Pen

  • 97243
  • 97243


Black, Blue

Print type and position

Barrel Opposite Clip: 1.5(w) x 0.5(h)

All dimensions are in inches



Lead time

7 working days

Made in United StatesUnited States

Make your money count with this custom imprinted item! The DriMark counterfeit money detection pen with fine tip, works on all U.S. currency dated 1959 or later. Perfect for banks, retailers, restaurants and any business that works with large bills, simply mark a small line on the bill. A light amber mark passes the test. If the mark turns black or dark brown, the Bill is suspect. Each pen tests over 10,000 bills. Please note, a standard imprint is required in addition to your custom imprint. IMPORTANT: While no method of counterfeit detection is perfect, the Smart Money is an excellent deterrent to the passing of counterfeit U.S. currency and will detect a great majority of false bills. We recommend this product be used in conjunction with other detection methods. The Smart Money will not detect any series printed before 1959. MANDATORY IMPRINT: "SMART MONEY US$ COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR U.S. PATENT #5.393.556 MADE IN THE USA Mark Currency: Light/Clear - Currency Passes Test Dark - Currency is suspect Effective on most U.S. currency series 1959 and after. Use in addition to standard detection methods. Replace cap after use."